While Radio One live lounges always deliver excellent and unique covers, there are many others out there hidden away on the internet.

Here are 9 of the best covers on YouTube…

1. Thee Acquainted – Sober

Originally by Childish Gambino

This musical couple teamed up with a full band to produce a damn good cover of Sober. Every note is on point and the video is fun and unique showing the sheer amount of effort they put in – it definitely paid off!

2. Daniela Andrade – Crazy

Originally by Gnarls Barkley

Who said simple was bad? This stripped-back, casual take on Crazy is, well, crazily good. Daniela’s voice is simply stunning and well-controlled – you’ll finish listening and want to replay it instantly.

3. Hudson Taylor – Lose Yourself Walking On The Flume (Mash-Up)

Originally by Eminem, Bon Iver and The Police Respectively

This crazy combination of Eminem, Bon Iver and The Police is moulded into a whole new song and performed by Irish lads Hudson Taylor. What a treat.

4. Amanda St. John – Piece Of My Heart

Originally by Erma Franklin

Local artist Amanda St John took a classic song and made it irresistible all over again. Look out for her at Sunflowerfest!

5. Lauren Aquilina – Born To Die

Originally by Lana Del Rey

Flashback to Lauren Aquilina recording covers in her bedroom. Born To Die was the perfect choice for her style and has a similar sound to Lauren’s original tracks.

6. Louisa Wendorff – Black Space/Style

Originally by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift tweeted that she was “OBSESSED” with this cover, you really can’t fault the original style of this clever mash-up.

7. Crystalyne – Amnesia

Originally by 5 Seconds Of Summer

Available on their Acoustic EP, Crystalyne’s cover of Amnesia brings out the hidden emotions behind the song  in a way that’s (arguably) better than the original.

8. Wayward Daughter – Back To Black/Wrecking Ball

Originally by Amy Winehouse and Miley Cyrus respectively

One of the most unexpected but brilliant mash-ups of all time. Both the guitar and vocals are on point, there’s no knocking this cover.

9. Orla Gartland – Wannabe

Originally by The Spice Girls

A song doesn’t need to be a chart-topper to make an epic cover, as proven by Irish gem Orla Gartland.

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