There’s something about a sad film that can draw us in, maybe it’s the challenge to remain dry-eyed when the protagonist kicks the bucket or maybe it’s the opportunity to see that when we are having a bad day, someone else (okay, a fictional character) has got it worse.

Here are six of the saddest films in recent history…

1. Amy

Currently in cinemas, see the tragic unravelling of Amy Winehouse’s life through previously unseen footage and unheard tracks. Heat described the movie as “Powerful and heartbreaking” so be prepared to shed a few tears.


2. Gravity

One of the saddest sci-fi films in recent history, Gravity is the story of astronauts stranded in space. With a story-line like that, tragedy is inevitable.

3. The Boy In Striped Pyjamas

For a cry over history, this is the way to go. The young protagonist makes the story of the Holocaust all the more devastating.

boy in striped pyjamas

4. Marley & Me

The process of coming to adore your pet is a relatable story to many, but who knew a film documenting the journey of life could be so heart-breaking? Thankfully, there’s some comedic moments scattered throughout for a bit of light relief.

marley and me

5. My Sister’s Keeper

Cancer movies are sad enough as they are but this movie isn’t directly about the dying child. The dying child’s sister sues their parents for using her organs to treat her sister. A family drama as well as a tear-fest.

my sisters keeper

6. Changeling

Based on a true story, a mother’s child goes missing. Her struggle, even when the police find her son, is tough to watch. Warning, you may be left inconsolable for some time after the credits.


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