For our second instalment, her are six more up-and-coming sounds of the city.

1. Amanda St John

IMBV-Amanda St John

You can witness Amanda St John’s haunting soul and blues voice on the August 8 when she will be performing alongside Nathan Carter as part of the Hearts Of The Glens Festival. It’s been two years since the release of Amanda’s last EP, Where Is The Man, and so listeners are awaiting eagerly to see what she has in store for 2015.

2. Swing Gals

IMBV-Swing Gals

Although jazz-pop band Swing Gals have been established since 2011, they have recently gone from success to success – only last year they performed at Belfast City Hall with Indigo Big Band, a 12 piece brass ensemble.

3. Bronagh Monahan

IMBV-Bronagh Monahan

Bronagh Monahan has recently shut herself away to record her next EP following the success of her debut: Bronagh And The Boys. Her honest lyrics and soothing voice are driving her success. This year she’s determined to spread her music throughout the UK.

4. Alana Henderson

IMBV-Alana Henderson

Cellist and singer-songwriter Alana Henderson experiments with melodies and instrumentation to create a varied and recognisable sound. When she’s not busy recording or touring with Hozier, Alana puts forth her own releases and is gaining a steady following – rightfully so.

5. Pleasure Beach 

IMVB-Pleasure Beach

Pop band Pleasure Beach incorporate strong beats and synth effects, making them real crowd-pleasers.  They have just put forth their debut single, Go, which is available for free download.

6. Katharine Philippa

IMBV-Katharine Philippa

After the release her EP, Broken To Be Rebuilt,  which exposes the ridiculous notes Katherine Philippa is capable of reaching, she has had her first sold out show in Belfast and there’s plenty more where that came from.

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