There’s a wealth of new music in and around the city but what’s your favourite release of the last few months?

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INBV-Sounds Oceans 5 - Return to Mingulay (album)1. Oceans 5 – Return to Mingulay (album)

When you think of Progressive music, you tend not to imagine a 200 year old traditional tune with sea shanty lyrics.
However this is what Folk Singer/Songwriter Andy John Bradford had in mind when he approached Progressive musician Colin Tench (guitars) from Corvus Stone, Minstrel’s Ghost, CTP and Bunchakeze with the idea.
Together they formed a 5 piece band with a view to the future and produced a version unlike any version of The Mingulay Boatsong heard before. They cared not if anybody actually wanted to hear such a version.

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INBV-Sounds On Parole2. On Parole – Unknown (EP)

The second EP by this band, recorded in Manor Park Studio by Neal Calderwood. Having started playing music six years ago On Parole have grown out of a group of school-boy friends with a mutual love of music.
They are hotly tipped to do well on the local music scene after being picked up by Rock Therapy NI for a few gigs.

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11118869_1593075630977360_1041845305_n3. Rebekah Wilson – Reprieve (EP)

This personal insight into 17-year-old Rebekah’s life is an honest and frank account of what goes on in the mind of most teenage girls.
She said: “It’s just a bunch of songs I was pleased with thrown together onto a CD.
“The title track Reprieve was written about my lack of freedom but from the perspective of a depressed Rebekah.
“If I knew the response would be so good, I’d have started out a lot earlier.”

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INBV-Sounds Citizen Nobody4. Citizen Nobody – Citizen Nobody (EP)

Recorded at RamAlley studios this EP has been developed by a collective group of underground musicians that work on a cooperative basis, hoping to give space and a place to people who wouldn’t normally have the chance or choice to get their music recorded.
This EP is an introduction to the band who have plans for a full electric album later in the year.


5. Irontown Diehards – Step Inside (single)

If you like hard rock you will love Belfast band Irontown Diehards whose debut single has already make a big splash in the local music scene.
The band – Phil Dixon, Andy Baxter, Mark McCallion and Gordy Gray – formed six months ago.
All members have a history in top Northern Ireland rock and metal bands such as Last Known Addiction, Almighty Fallen, Stormzone, Warcrux and Dead Zebra to name a few.

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6. Ryan McMullan – Listen (EP)

Listen is the debut EP from Ryan who has been described as combining “infectious, blues infused melodies with bold sweeping choruses”.
Often compared to Foy Vance this four-track EP features tracks such as Holding Me Down.

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