For those who know me, they will know that on occasion – in order to save my sanity – I dabble in a little home crafts.

Patchwork cushion with fabric flower detail made for a friend

Patchwork cushion with fabric flower detail made for a friend

From jewellery, bags and brooches to knitting, sewing and painting – I’ve tried it all over the last few years.

There’s something incredibly rewarding about making something and then either using it, giving it as a gift or selling it.

A gingham fabric brooch

A gingham fabric brooch

And as many will agree – it’s one of the most therapeutic ways to release your creative side and day to day stress.

I spend a great amount of time moaning at friends for not tapping into their creative minds and letting go.  In fact I’m sure some will tell you I’m always batterng on.  And it’s true.

Since I found that I have creative abilities outside of the media it has literally opened a door to a new world for me.

Comic book themed bag made from upcycled clothing and denim

Comic book themed bag made from upcycled clothing and denim

I’m not claiming I’m the best – in fact, far from it.  But I’ve found a hobby that I can share with my family and friends and one that is, by nature, ever changing – meaning I never get bored of it.

So, if you’re considering tapping into your creative brain, why not check out what other people are doing first.

See the vast array of amazing crafts already being done in our little city.

But be prepared…because once you open that door – like a Pandora’s Box, you may never be able to close it again.

6 Crafty Wee Shops Where You Can Buy Handmade In Belfast

1. The Wicker Man
High Street
Before handmade hit the high street and became “trendy” The Wicker Man in Belfast was supporting and promoting local artisan crafters and makers across Northern Ireland.
From fabric craft, ceramics, art and jewellery this shop really does hold the heart and soul of the Northern Ireland crafter.

INBV-Crafty Shops Wicker Man

2. Studio Souk
Castle Lane
As the newest kid on the block Studio Souk has a fantastic array of local fashion designers, jewellery makers and artisan furniture crafters all housed in this fabulously dressed and designed city centre shop.
With over 60 local artists, makers and designers represented it would be hard not to find something amazing in here.

INBV-Crafty Shops Studio Souk

3. Copper Moon
Wellington Street
Tucked down a little alley way just beside the City Hall, Copper Moon certainly is a hidden gem. In my experience this shop tends to go for the more fine arts and crafts from both local and international makers and artists.
From ceramics and art to unique glassware, homewares and knitware it’s definitely worth checking out – even if it’s just to gasp in awe at the talent.

INBV-Crafty Shops Copper Moon

4. restore
Royal Avenue
restore is a charity and although they don’t necessarily stock items from a number of different makers what they are doing is stocking a vast array of upcycled furniture.
Refurbed and renewed by a whole host of crafty and artistically talented volunteers.  If you’re looking for a one-off statement piece for the house, this is by far the first place you should check out.

INBV-Crafty Shops Re-Store

5. St George’s Market
Oxford Street, every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
There probably isn’t a bigger concentration of artisan creators than the weekly St George’s Market in the city.
From food and drink to clothing, jewellery, art and more if you haven’t checked out St George’s yet you really need to get down there.  One tip though, don’t go without a few pennys to spend otherwise you will regret it.

INBV St Georges Market

6. Folktown Market
Bank Square, every Thursday
The Folktown Market is the new kid on the block in the city centre with over 30 stalls selling everything from handmade crafts to artisan food and drink.
Situated just behind Primark in the newly renovated Bank Square the big plus side to shopping here is that you can bag yourself a sneaky wee drink in Kelly’s Cellars making it much easier to part with your hard earned cash for some fabulous goodies.

INBV-Folktown Market

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