With the return of TFI Friday and the announcement that Crystal Maze is also to make a comeback, we asked our readers to tell us their favourite shows that they’d like to see back on our screens

1. Cities of Gold
Says Peter McMullan

Miles ahead of its time this Japanese/French hybrid animation thrilled young viewers in the 1980s. A large reason for its success was but mostly its theme tune.

INBV-TV Shows Cities of Gold

2. Eerie Indiana
Says Chris McWilliams

Although only 19 episodes were ever produced of Eerie, Indiana, which is set, oddly enough, in Eerie, Indiana, the show gained cult status. It hasn’t aged too badly.

INBV-TV Shows Eerie Indiana

3. Funhouse
Says Mark Dowd

Apparently it’s a whole lot of fun with prizes to be won. Can’t argue with that. Twins Melanie and Martina took the edge off Pat Sharp in his mulleted prime.

INBV-TV Shows Funhouse

4. Saturday Swop Shop
Says John Boyle

Saturday mornings were a lot more fun when you didn’t have the headache of having to choose from 574 programmes. This show launched many a career.

INBV-TV Shows Swop Shop

5. The Tube
Says Davy McLarnon

The Tube was to 80s music what Simon Cowell is to a generation of karaoke singers. It was hosted by Jools Holland, who back then was cutting edge.

INBV-Tv Shows The tube

6. Wonderwoman
Says Sharon McComish

Lynda Carter was the original brandishers of the her lasso of truth. It’s amazing that she’s never been reimaged for modern times on the big screen.

INBV-TV Shows Wonderwoman

7. SM:TV Live
Says Jenny Graham

The holy trinity of Cat Deeley, Ant & Dec first came together for SM:TV Live. Highlights included Wonkey Donkey, Cat The Dog and Chums.


8. Xena Warrior Princess
Says Sandra Celik

This cult show was actually a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, where Xena was a recurring character originally scheduled to die.

INBV-TV Shows Xena Warrior Princess

9. Animaniacs
Says Robert Lappin

With the backing of Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros this was always going to be a hit cartoon. Having taken over from Tiny Toons it bowed out after 99 episodes.

INBV-TV Shows Animaniacs

10. Fall Guy
Says Caroline Wilson

The Fall Guy starring Lee Majors as Colt Seavers was another show that was boosted by its theme tune. This crime-fighting stuntman was proper badass.

INBV-TV Shows Fall Guy

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