From comedy drama and clowning to acrobatics, artistic expression and performance there is absolutely no way you aren’t going to find something in this year’s Festival of Fools to suit your taste.

The huge calendar of events takes place throughout Belfast city centre from May 1-4.

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Opening Ceremony
May 1, 7-8pm, Writers Square

The festival opens with Cast Off – the biggest street show produced by the Belfast Community Circus School. Expect stunning choreography.

INBV-Fest Fools 1 opening_ceremony

Lost On Earth
May 2-4, Writers Square

A dazed and confused alien in search of intelligent life in Belfast. Brought to you by the prolific Dot Comedy, this is part installation, part theatre and lots of comedy.

INBV-Fest Fools 2 Lost on Earth

La Bella Tour
May 2-3, Writers Square

Two clowns on a mission. After losing the circus life they were born into, La Bella Tour are looking for just one thing as they travel the streets of Europe.

INBV-Fest Fools 3 La Bella Tour 2

Community Circus Celebration
May 2, 11-5.30pm, Writers Sq

Prepare to be amazed, inspired and entertained by a number of performances from various groups from across Northern Ireland.

INBV-Fest Fools  4 community

Mischief La Bas present Fan Families
May 2-4, throughout the city

If you need somebody to cheer you on as you make your way through the street shows, the Fan Families will rouse your rabble.

INBV-Fest Fools 5 Mischief Fan Families

Lulu’s World
May 2-4, Cotton Court & Rosemary Street

A sketching frenzy, scenes unfold, pouring from pen onto paper – meet Lulu, the artist who cannot be contained in any gallery.

INBV-Fest Fools 6 Lulu rose 2

Dick Danger
May 2-4, Writers Square

A man flirts outrageously with physical injury without actually hurting himself. A comic show involving sexy dancing in very tight trousers.

INBV-Fest Fools 7 Dick Danger

Colm O’Grady presents Yodel
May 2-4, various locations

If you want a little taste of the bizarre and you enjoy some splendid stupidity, then catch this Alpine street performer called Wolfgang.

INBV-Fest Fools 8 Colm Ogrady Yodel

Dan Holzman
May 2-4, various locations

This top American performer is in Belfast for the first time to see if he can amuse the skinny people. He can practically juggle anything.

INBV-Fest Fools 9 Dan_Holzman_dalmations

The Big Finish
May 2-4, 6-7pm

It’s nice to be able to relive some of the highlights with The Big Finish – a variety style show – in the relaxed surroundings of Saint Anne’s Square.

INBV-Fest Fools  10 big_finish

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