It may be the technological age but according to one charity 57% of adults in Northern Ireland don’t agree video games are more fun than board games.

A survey by the NSPCC ahead of the charity’s Really Big Board Game Day earlier this month revealed that Monopoly is the nation’s favourite with 39% of adults named it as their top choice.

The property buying game which tests business acumen, risk taking and sheer chance placed well above other favourites such as spelling word game Scrabble (11%) and investigation mystery Cluedo (8%).

More than nine out of 10 (92%) said the games help bring families together while more than half (56%) agreed that the games are enjoying a revival.

Top 10 Favourite Games:

1. Monopoly (39%)
Do not pass go, do not collect £200 the words we all dread when trying to bag ourselves the greens, navy’s, browns and blues. And if you don’t know what all that means you NEED Monopoly in your life.
By the way, we all want to be the car!

INBV-Game Monopoly Board

2. Scrabble (11%)
Only real Scrabble players will delight at the sight of a Q, a Z or a J when picking out your tiles. And only a real Scrabble lover will have a huge vocabulary of highly useless 2-letter words.

INBV-Game Scrabble Board

3. Cluedo (8%)
It was Professor Plum in the study with the candlestick. No, it was Colonel Mustard in the bedroom with the knife. Wait, maybe it was Miss Scarlett in the living room with the rope. Before there was CSI we all pretended to be Columbo while playing Cluedo.

INBV-Game Cluedo Board

4. Trivial Pursuit (6%)
Fighting over a slice has never been so good. From literature and science and nature to sport and entertainment this was a game best played in teams – the winning combination was a smart adult and a pop culture expert teen.
Of course ditching the board and testing each other’s wits straight up was always the best way.

INBV-Game Trivial Pursuit Board

5. Chess (4%)
All board game fans remember who taught them the horse was a knight and it moved in an L shape.
You’re either a quick thinking, snap decision kind of player or a methodical, thinking ahead, long term planner.
One thing’s for sure, they should never play together – it’s a recipe for disaster.

INBV-Game Chess Board Shutterstock

6. The Game of Life (4%)
Taking you through your journey in life,The Game of Life opens a door to your soul. Are you materialistic? Do you crave love and marriage? Are you a risk taker?

INBV-Game Game Of Life Box

7. Risk (3%)
Are you ready to take over?
In this “risk” taking game the objective is to occupy every territory on the board and in doing so, eliminate the other players. But everyone’s fate is determined only by the roll of the dice and the players courage in their convictions.

INBV-Game Risk Board Shutterstock

8. Hungry Hippos (2%)
Brute force, speed, noise and a competitive spirit is the only way to survive in this game.

Whole new ballgame … Hasbro's Hungry Hungry Hippos is to be made into a film

9. Jenga (2%)
Precision deconstruction is the name of this game and the ability to stop before you push too far. Of course, they also double up as building blocks – 2 games in 1, result !

INBV-Game Jenga Shutterstock

10. Pictionary (1%)
If you are hopeless at drawing you probably aren’t going to be a champion at pictionary, the drawing version of charades.
It does, however, provide endless entertainment when drawings are mistaken for something else!

INBV-Game Pictionary Board

The results of the poll by YouGov were released as the charity calls on board game lovers to dust off their favourite childhood games and sign up for a day of play on Friday, May 15.

Although board games might be associated with older generations, more 18-24 year olds said they played board games with friends and family than any other age group.

Register at for your free fundraising pack with everything you need to organise your Really Big Board Game Day event.

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