With all this going on it’s far too easy to stray from the real reason you’re there – to get a degree.
So with that in mind Lucy McGrath has compiled a sure-fire strategy to get the most out of your studying sessions.

1. Make a Timetable

As soon as you get your weekly timetable, sit down and add in designated study time. This way, from the get-go, you will have it etched in your brain that those segments of your week are a concrete part of your timetable, and stick to it!
TIP: get a cheap white board with your timetable written on it and put it up in your room, therefore you have a constant reminder of when you need to study.

2. Your Study Area

It’s very important to have a designated study area in your house. Whether that’s in your room or a communal area, be sure that it is free of clutter and distractions and has ample space for everything you will need. Having a regular study area will train your brain to know that when you are sitting in that spot, it’s time to work and you will find that studying becomes (slightly!) easier to do.

3. Water

Put down the energy drinks! They’re expensive, full of sugar and as much as you think they might be helping you stay awake, they’re actually doing you no good. Even mild dehydration can affect brain function so keep yourself focused and hydrated with lots of water. Not forgetting the significantly lower cost (your bank account is rejoicing already).

4. Fresh Air

It’s common knowledge that the brain works best with short bursts of work and regular breaks. With that in mind, I recommend working in 30-45 minute sections with five minute breaks in between. Now, this doesn’t mean sit on your phone for those five minutes because that won’t fully rest your brain, ideally get outside for plenty of fresh air, or better still go for a walk.

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