Getting married soon and getting worried about those all-important wedding pictures?

We got exclusive advice from some of Northern Ireland’s leading models, who frequently pose for bridal shoots and wedding campaigns.

For advice from how to stand; makeup; and how to create truly timeless images you’ll cherish forever, check out our eight pieces of advice from models in the know…

1. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with

Connor Schelling-TiszaConnor Schelling-Tisza: “I always find that the best photographs in my portfolio come from a photographer who I feel completely comfortable with. You need someone who can put you at ease and who you have 100% confidence in, it’s your big day after all so let them know your photo do’s/ dont’s and pick someone who’s a bit of craic, if nothing else you’ll have fun and it’ll make for some great candid shots.”

2. Don’t let heavy makeup trends ruin your look – think less Kim K more timeless beauty!

Rebecca MaguireRebecca Maguire: “The difference between a wedding shoot and an editorial shoot is all in the make-up. It’s so important to pick a make up artist that understands the way YOU like your make-up done, yet how bridal make up is done best.

“Often artists apply coverage which is too heavy and achieve a look that’s more Kim K than timeless beauty; so don’t be influenced by a trend of the time. My advice is to look at their body of work before booking and be sure to apply any tan that you will be wearing on the big day for your trial, ensuring you get the right colours.”

3. Practice makes perfect

Aimee BoyleAimee Boyle: “To pull off the perfect photo, it is all in the pose. You need to feel comfortable and confident so don’t be afraid to pull a pose in front of the mirror at home to work out what works best for you.”

4. A tailored suit makes will sharpen up any image

Carlos DjaloCarlos Djalo: “One way to be sure that you look good in a suit is to pick a nice tailored option, adjusted to your personal measurements. You would be surprised the difference an inch can make on the leg or across the chest and it will sharpen up any image.

“Not only will the suit fit you perfectly but it will define your body shape instead of some suit that sits disproportionally making you look larger or out of shape.”

5. Let the photographer take control

Johnny HamiltonJohnny Hamilton: “Sometimes at a shoot you may be paired with other people, especially a bridal shoot so prepare for couple shots or group photo shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen all in tow.

“To get the most striking photo, it is important that bodies are angled towards the camera and that the overall shot is flattering to all in the image. The focus isn’t simply about you as the bride and groom, a great photo comes from good direction so let the photographer take control here. It’s what you are paying them for after all.”

6. Adapt to your surroundings – especially in bad weather!

James GalloghlyJames Galloghly: “As a model we are often faced with challenges, be that locations or weather, so it’s important to be prepared to adapt to your surroundings when doing a shoot.

“Take a quick look around just to see what options you have and what you like and by doing this you can work with the photographer to decide which poses work best with which background making for great shot.”

7. Get your hair stylist to create a look that’s easy to maintain

Molly SimpsonMolly Simpson: “We are lucky to have hair stylists and make up artists to hand throughout our shoots, which allow some creative freedom with different hair styles to compliment surroundings and particular shots. If your budget doesn’t quite cover a full day of deluxe treatment then be sure your hair stylist creates a style that works for you and is easily fixed and maintained throughout the day.

“Top Tip: Have your hair stylist advise your bridesmaids on tricks and easy changes to achieve different key looks.”

8. A pre-wedding slim will help you feel & look great

Destiny Carlisle

Destiny Carlisle: “As a model it is essential to keep fit, active and in good shape, which means eating healthily and staying hydrated. If you are planning a pre-wedding slim then try and steer clear of heavy carbs such as bread and pasta and eat lots of protein and vegetables. When combined with a work-out plan that works for you, you’ll both feel and look great.”

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