More than half of those buying beauty products now shop online. Could pushy sales assistants be the reason?

While over a third of people said they shop online to save time, the majority confessed in a recent survey that the reason is to avoid pushy sales assistants who make shoppers feel uncomfortable and pressured into buying products they don’t need, or even like.

The other reason cited was that shoppers enjoy browsing at their own pace.

Instead, beauty shoppers have taken to the web to browse and decide in their own time without the watchful eye of an assistant. Between Sundays and Tuesdays 46% of beauty sales are made, leaving plenty of time for products to arrive by the weekend.

So are sales assistants, who are only trying to do their job, trying too hard? Is it helpful to shop in store or just plain annoying?

We asked some belfastvibe readers what they thought on the subject.

IMBV-Katie Lobley

University student, Katie Lobley.


Katie Lobley said: “I never buy online because I want to test products before I buy them, even when I’m sticking with the same product I tend to get it in store.

“I quite like when people in stores help you with what colours look good and getting an actual shopping experience. Plus, where there’s a boots 10 minutes away there’s not much point paying postage.”



Retail worker, Mae Anderson.

Mae Anderson said: “I’ve only ever experienced pushy sales assistants in Lush but I understand that employees are put under pressure by their managers to sell things and to constantly be in verbal contact with a customer even when the they’re obviously just having a browse – I work in retail so I know what it’s like!

“Most employees in my experience seem very kind and look like they don’t want to disturb my browsing whenever I’m in the store so I always end up feeling bad for them and the pressure they’re under to be pushy as they know most people will ask for help if they want it.

“Most of the time customers annoy me more than staff! There’s always that one pushy customer that will do anything to get something discounted, even when it’s on sale already.”

University student, Charlotte Morrison.


Charlotte Morrison said: “I always buy beauty products in store because you get the chance to try the product first and almost all of the experiences I can think of in make-up shops has been positive. The staff are usually really positive, regardless of the brand.”




Teacher, Hannah Joiner.

Hannah Joiner said: “I buy my beauty products in store so I can have a look at test them. If you get them online you can’t see the colour properly and I like to match it to my skin.

“I try to avoid sales assistants. The rare time when I have spoken to them I didn’t really like it as I felt like they were judging my make up and I think how you choose to do your make up and represent yourself is pretty personal.”

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