In the age of family Whatsapp chats, can you commit to weekly hour long phone call with you mum?

A study has revealed that women spend around six days on the phone every year and two of these days are spent chatting exclusively to their mum. The survey was conducted by Post Office to  launch of their mobile service.

Mums and daughters are known to call each other “just for a chat” quite often and despite the fake groan of ‘oh no my mum’s calling me’, us daughters quite like it. Even with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp connections, sometimes it’s just better to hear your mum’s voice, especially on a bad day.

The real question is: are women just closer with their mums or addicted to their phones?


Professor Sir Cary Cooper, of Manchester University, said: “Talking on the phone with people can help to build meaningful relationships, which can ultimately enhance our wellbeing.” So maybe that’s why talk of the neighbour’s scandalous behaviour and how your dad has still not learnt to pick up his socks can really brighten your day.

In contrast, a typical man spends only half an hour a week on the phone to their mum. Even worse, one in five men said they only get in touch when they need something. Prepare yourself, it gets all the more heartbreaking – one in 20 men don’t ring their mums at all. Not even on Mother’s Day!

If you’re a man feeling even remotely guilty about the lack of phone conversations you have with your mum, just press call and strap the phone to your ear. After 48 hours you’ll be done until next year.

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