According to new research over 40% of people will spend less than a fiver on their dads today.

The survey, conducted by also revealed that children normally spend more on their mums on Mother’s Day than for dads on Father’s Day.

Today daughters are more likely to push the boat out for their dads than sons and only 21% of people will spend between £21 and £50, compared to £24.2% on Mother’s Day.

The study also found that only a small percentage of people in the UK were willing to spend big on Mothering Sunday or Father’s Day. Just over 5% of those polled said they would spend more than £100 on their mum and dad on these annual milestone days.

Interestingly, the statistics highlighted a difference in mindset between males and females. Just 29% of sons will spend more than £20 on their dad for Father’s Day, whereas this figure rises to over 35% among daughters.

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