Watching a saucy movie like Magic Mike or a strip tease on a hen night, it’s all a bit of fun, right?

Apparently not. While 73% of women admitted to considering to cheat on their partner, 1 in 5 have actually cheated following a girls night out which included a male strip tease.

Most women excused the crime on the basis of alcohol but deep down everyone has their life partner and then their cheating partner.

So who are you most likely to cheat with?

1. The Serial Dater

It doesn’t matter who he has dated before, his eyes have been opened and you’re the woman he’s been waiting for. For tonight, anyway.


2. The Older Guy

A bit of Freudian magic at work here.


3. The One Who Was In That Film

He’s not really Jamie Dornan, he’s Christian Grey. If you think that enough maybe it’ll come true.


4. The Extremely English One

His posh accent and slightly ruffled hair has won you over. There’s no going back.


5. The Rich One

The bulging wallet in his trouser pocket is irresistible. How soon can you quit your job?


6. The One Who Looks Good In A Suit

Your partner may look half decent in trackies but comparing him to the man in the suit is like comparing a rubber band to a watch.


7. The One With Facial Hair

Like a teddy bear, he maintains his beard to a soft (and hygienic) standard. Who could resist a cuddle?


8. The One With Long Hair

There’s nothing you want more than to run your hand through his long hair and ask what conditioner he uses.


9. The One With Little To No Hair

His practically bald head is so free that you feel completely liberated to do whatever the hell you want, even cheat.


9. The Joker

Not only have you laughed away all your troubles, you’ve also laughed away your partner.


10. The Wise Bloke

Apparently he’s so clever he’s been writing books and making documentaries. You’d be stupid not to go for it.


 11. Mr Muscle

His arms could be wider than your body or is that the alcohol speaking?


12. The Artwork

He’s a work of art – quite literally.



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