A young entrepreneurial property agent has entered the market with a bang in Belfast.

29-year-old Ashleigh Sloan, founder of new company AS Residential said: “I’ve been working in property management for over a decade and saw a gap for a truly bespoke, 24/7 management agency, and we have been very lucky that many developers and property investors – from small, one property owners right through to much larger developers – have come to us with their portfolios for management or sale. Female investors in particular have shown big interest in our services.”

Ashley launched her company earlier this month with a key city centre development, The Factory in Little Donegall Street as her flagship development for the rental market.

And while she’s specialising in managing properties for property owners Ashleigh said she believes it’s important for a property company to look after its residents to.

Here are Ashleigh’s top tips for tenants:

Ashleigh Sloan

Ashleigh Sloan

1. Know your budget

Ashleigh said: “Don’t be unrealistic, ever. Your rent is likely to be one of the biggest chunks of your monthly outgoings.”

2. Know your area

She explained: “A lot of people ask me ‘is this area safe for me?’, it is not up to an agent to ask you about your personal life, religious or political beliefs – they cannot make this decision for you, you have to do your research.”

3. Be pro-active

“When looking for a suitable property, check the property websites Property News and Property Pal daily” said Ashleigh, adding: “These sites are updated regularly and it will help you to be pro active, it is a fast moving market and good rental properties are snapped up quickly.”

4. Understand deposits

Ashleigh said: “Deposits are usually non refundable or part will be deducted if a tenant ‘changes their mind’ before moving in so only pay it if you are sure you want to live in the property.”

5. Read your lease

“It always amazes me how many people will just sign the lease without reading through it, it is a legally binding document so you need to know what you are signing yourself into” she said.

6. Double check your inventory

“It’s important to make sure you are happy your inventory is accurate before signing off” said Ashleigh.
“This one document will decide if all, part or any of your deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your lease.”

7. Protect yourself

Ashleigh explained that many protections are out there for both the tenant and the landlord.
She said: “Ensure you receive confirmation that your deposit has been protected by an authorised scheme as the Tenancy Deposit Scheme has been in effect since April 2013.”

8. What you need

“Most agents now will require a deposit, one month’s rent in advance and an application fee before your tenancy can commence” said Ashleigh, adding: “most will also require a guarantor or a double deposit in place of this, ensure you have these in place before applying for a property.”

9. Don’t wait

She said: “Be prompt with getting your application forms and supporting documents submitted to the agent, this shows you are organised and reliable.”

10. Know your tenancy type

“If you are sharing with a friend or partner, you need to be aware that it will usually be a joint tenancy making you jointly responsible for rent, damages etc, it will not be based on each individual” said Ashleigh.

For enquiries on rentals, sales or lettings contact Ashleigh Sloan at AS Residential ashleigh@asresidential.com or 028 9068 7963

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