Eamon McAuley

Eamon McAuley

A new dating agency has popped up in Belfast.

And owner of Unique Dating Agency Eamon McAuley says he’s hoping to provide a “service missing in Northern Ireland for genuine, honest people looking for help in the dating scene, for people of all sexualities”.

A recent survey revealed that 72% of people in Northern Ireland find meeting the right type of person to be the biggest dating challenge, with potential dates lying about their age, job and appearance cited as part of the problem.

Unique Dating Agency survey also discovered that only 31% of people managed to find a date through typical online dating sites.

So if you’re thinking about trying a dating agency here are Eamon’s top tips for when you bag your date:

1. Do Your Research

Find out what the person likes and base your date around that. There’s nothing worse than taking a vegetarian to a steakhouse.

2. Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself

For every question you answer, remember to ask them a question back. Aim for a 60/40 split – the date should be doing the majority of the talking.

3. Do Dress Up

Make the effort to impress; something clean cut and classic is always a winner. Unless it’s an outdoor activity, in which case comfortable and warm is best.

4. Don’t Check Your Phone Throughout The Date

In fact, once your date arrives just turn it off. And definitely don’t take any work calls.

5. Do Be Open Minded

You may have very different music tastes but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else which you might click on. Go along and get to know them, for better or for worse.

6. Don’t Bring Up Politics And Religion On The First Date

These are controversial topics and might not be the best way to get to know your date.

7. Relax

Try to smile, laugh and enjoy the date. It’s only a bit of fun; you might meet the love of your life, make a new friend or never see them again!

For more information on Unique Dating Agency log onto www.uniquedatingagency.com or www.facebook.com/UniqueDatingAgency.
Membership costs £250 for six months, with a refundable £30 registration fee upon commencement of your membership.

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