A staggering 40% married or engaged couples polled across the region, have re-gifted an unwanted wedding present.

That’s according to a survey commissioned by Belfast’s own Victoria Square complex.

The study also uncovered some of the weird and wonderful gifts received including literally everything from toilet brushes and plastic bed sheets to banjos and baby name books.

It’s no surprise that the most popular wedding gifts have changed through the years and many couples who didn’t have a wedding list also received multiples of the same items. The most common included toasters and towels in the eighties, towels and mugs in the nineties, bed sheets and wine glasses in the noughties and picture frames in most recent years.

The research comes in the lead up to Victoria Square’s Wedding Event this weekend when it will officially launch its ‘Wedding Gift List’ service, the first multi-store wedding gift list service of its kind in Northern Ireland.

The event will also showcase everything you need for the big day in one place.

The online gift card service offers the gift of choice to couples with a variety of over 50 fashion, technological, beauty and jewellery shops and 18 restaurants to purchase from.

The aim? To minimising the risk of brides and grooms receiving unwanted gifts, which they’ll then have to re-wrap and pass on, hopefully to someone who doesn’t know the original gift giver.

More information about the Wedding Event at Victoria Square can be found at victoriasquare.com and the Wedding Gift List service can also be set up here too.

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