You know those happy people you see in photoframes on sales in shops, the ones that set a benchmark you never seem to be able to recreate in your own photos?

Well, a new initiative from IKEA will see actual real people who live in the same postcode as you end up in those very photoframes in IKEA Belfast.

They’ve launched one of the biggest UK-wide hunts for crowdsourced memories, held to celebrate the dying art of preserving photography.

In Northern Ireland, one local winner’s photography will be featured in a dedicated gallery and room-sets throughout the Holywood Exchange store. If the lucky UK-wide winner is from Belfast, their photographs will be featured throughout all UK and Ireland IKEA stores.

The announcement comes as findings reveal that almost two thirds (60%) of NI residents haven’t printed a photograph in the last year. Picture frames are also on the decline with the average homeowner only framing six memories in their home.

However, almost half those surveyed in Northern Ireland (43%) said that photographs would be the first object they would save if their house was on fire.

A huge 80% admitted that they don’t keep a physical photo album any more, while 40% fear that they could lose years of memories if technology failed them.  This leaves us potentially set to lose a vast number of irreplaceable memories, with 380 billion photos taken per year and 300 million per day uploaded to Facebook.

Budding photographers can upload their images to and the winning shots will be chosen by the UK’s most followed Instagrammer Mike Kus and IKEA co-workers.

The public can enter by tagging their photographs on Instagram and twitter with #WonderfulEveryday and @IkeaUK with their images that feature special moments, which will eventually be framed in IKEA stores across the UK and Ireland.

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