In order to achieve domestic bliss, families need to have four meals together a week, more than one tablet and a Netflix account.

This is according to a survey of families in Northern Ireland which found families in our wee country spend over 12 hours together each week, matching the British national average.

Other top ways to keeping things ticking over at home are having two cars, giving everyone their own chores and ensuring everyone’s washing is hung up together.

A study into the home lives of British families explored the aspects that lead to a happy family life and found making the effort to eat together, a trip away every few months and having both sets of grandparents close by as big factors.

Monthly trips to the cinema, a good coffee machine for mum and dad and at least three televisions were also deemed necessities for a harmonious family life.

The research, which was commissioned by Origin, found having fast Wi-Fi, a ‘treat cupboard’ and putting the kids’ artwork on the walls or fridge were also cited as factors that lead to a happy home.

A good stack of board games, a comfortable sofa everyone can pile on and everyone making an effort to pick their clothes up off the floor also goes a long way.

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