Home furnishing retailer IKEA has announced it will become the first major global retailer to offer a 100% LED lighting range when the brand’s LED roll-out completes.

So, what are the advantages to popping an LED bulb into your lamps over the regular incandescent bulbs? There are many! Here are just a few to get you started…

IKEA LED range 2

1. LED bulbs used 85% less energy. And you know what using less energy means? Paying less on your electricity bills. Score! By adopting LED solutions within the home, a local household using an average of 10 bulbs across the home could save up to £300 off their annual bill.

2. They last up to twenty times longer. So that’s even more money saved by not having to replace them too often. Each bulb has an average of about 25,000 hours of lifetime in them. IKEA knows this as they’re all tested in a very bright room in IKEA’s testing labs in Sweden.

3. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means you can use them in any lighting fitting you already have in your home from bedside lights to spotlights in the living room – every single bulb is an efficient LED bulb.

4. It also means that the products IKEA offer with built in LED lights are just as beautiful as a ‘traditional’ lighting product – the retailer and its designers has embraced LED technology and worked hard to make products that are beautiful, sustainable and affordable.

5. LED bulbs are free from Mercury, so in even more environmentally-friendly news, you won’t be harming our planet just by lighting up a room.

6. LED bulbs help save lives. Each year, IKEA has a global campaign called Brighter Lives for Refugees, where for every LED bulb or lighting product sold in store, The IKEA Foundation donates €1 to UN Refugee agency, UNHCR to help light refugee camps.

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