If a new survey is anything to go by, we run a pretty tight ship in the UK when it comes to house rules.

Research into the home lives of 2,000 people found keeping shoes off the sofa, always using a coaster for cups and not bringing food into the bedroom are strict rules to abide by. Here’s the list in full…

50 House Rules

1. No shoes on the sofa

2. Always flush the toilet

3. Take your shoes off in the house

4. Put clothes in the wash basket

5. Turn out the lights when you’re not using a room

6. Empty the bath when you’re done

7. Don’t leave wet towels on the floor

8. No swearing

9. Turn off the TV when you’re not watching it

10. Toilet seat down

11. No balls in the house

12. Coats hung up not on banister

13. Put your shoes away when you take them off

14. Always lock the door when you leave

15. No slamming doors

16. Never leave anything lying about on the stairs

17. Don’t eat messy food on the sofa

18. Last one to go to bed must check the door is locked/windows shut etc.

19. Last one out locks the door

20. No looking at phones at the dinner table

21. Placing keys back in their designated spot/hook

22. No cups on table without a coaster

23. No food upstairs

24. Always put something back where you found it

25. Complete homework before playing

26. No shouting

27. No pets upstairs

28. Put plates in the dishwasher after eating

29. All food eaten at the table/ no food in living room

30. Don’t go to bed on an argument

31. No going to bed angry with each other

32. No snacking and ruining your dinner

33. Always use a coaster

34. No leaving dishes ‘to soak’ overnight because you’re too lazy to wash

35. No running in the house

36. Kids not allowed in the parents’ bedroom

37. No video games past 9pm

38. No feeding the dogs at the dinner table

39. If you cook, your partner cleans

40. No boyfriends/girlfriends sleeping over

41. Certain windows shut at all times

42. No pets allowed on the sofa

43. No drawing or painting in the bedroom/lounge

44. Not allowed to sit in dad’s chair

45. Leave keys on the side near the front door

46. Put your dirty shoes in the garage

47. Pet not allowed in the front room

48. No kids in the study

49. No ball games in the garden

50. No talking with your mouth full

The survey was commissioned by Yale.


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