When you’re living in shared accommodation, traditional house rules go out the window.

For example you’ll not be expected to eat every meal at the kitchen table and running in the house is positively encouraged.

Here’s our rough guide to shared living space…

15 Alternative House Rules

1. Spend more than 10 minutes in the bathroom and you lose your TV privileges

2. Dishes left in the sink for more than five days will get binned

3. All mugs are communal

4. Alcohol is never communal

5. Whoever makes dinner will have no further duties that day

6. Whoever buys the cleaning products gets to nominate who cleans the bathroom

7. Takeaway food must not be consumed at the table

8. Your housemate’s friends are fair game in terms of romance

9. Your housemate’s partner is off limits until such times as you’re no longer living together

10. If it’s your turn to leave the bins out and you forget, all your future rubbish must go in public bins until next bin day

11. Strictly no grudges – all arguments must be made up within at least 24 hours

12. No Radiohead songs before a night out

13. No rooms are out of bounds during a house party

14. The living room must contain at least seven incongruous items, one of which must be official Breaking Bad merchandise

15. No talk of ex-housemates

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