I feel like the biggest dilemmas start with the most simple of events… chatting one day about cooking, I said, “My lovely boyfriend does it all. I’m rubbish.”

The lady I was chatting to said, “I’m sure the man who bought you that engagement ring wouldn’t be happy about being called your boyfriend!”


Hmmm… good point. The engagement implies a new status. He’s no longer my boyfriend…but the word ‘fiancé’ seems silly to me. In fact, lots of the words people use to refer to their significant other bother me.

Here are a list of things I can’t call Phil…

1. Boyfriend

Although I use this one most, it bothers me. I’m 30, Phil is 31, we’ve been together for six years. Boyfriend and girlfriend seems to me like a term for the young. Cute teenagers giggling together. Not ‘adults’ like us, who do still giggle, but also spend a lot of time talking about groceries, housework and bills.

2. Partner

Yuck. Is there a less sexy word?! Business people have partners… not me. Partner is the opposite of the youthful ‘boyfriend’, it is the crap middle aged version of that word. To me it implies joint accounts, mortgages, talking about pensions… and I don’t like it.

3. Baby

Only a halfwit/American celebrity can get away with this. NO ONE ELSE. So don’t try. If I hear you say it… I will decide that I hate you.

4. BAE

I don’t even know what that means, or how to pronounce it… let alone use it to refer to someone I love.

5. Other Half

Are we all just halves of a person, wandering aimlessly through life, hoping to find someone to complete us? Nope. We are whole beings, you are fine on your own. Falling in love and coupling up is lovely, but it is not the thing in life that makes you complete.

6. Lover


So, what DO I call him? My Phil. Simple!

Claire & Phil

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