Niall McDermott, the man behind the new DATEIDEA app shares his story with belfastvibe…
“Belfast has been my home for over a decade now but it probably took me half that time to spread my wings from the University Quarter and explore the wider social scene that this great city has to offer, from award winning plays to fantastic live music as well as local talent in the arts scene.
“In August 2013 while working full time as a Sales & Business Development Manager at Harland and Wolff I started designing a new entertainments listing website for Belfast after becoming frequently frustrated when trying to find out what events were happening that me and my girlfriend could go out for a date night on.
“Less than two years later, single, and still having similar issues – trying to think of entertainment for nights out with girls I had met through (now popular and widely accepted) dating apps – I ditched the website concept (as it was too similar to my competitors) and started developing my own smartphone app… DATEIDEA.
“From my market research to date I have found that I am not alone and that quite a proportion of this city’s population have yet to explore all the venues and entertainment available to them. This has only been confirmed as I continue to attend events that aren’t sold out or that people aren’t even aware are happening.

“The App is designed to give you actual options of what to do for a date night whether that be a first date, a steady date (to try somewhere new), a marriage date (because maybe you haven’t been out in a while) or even just a night out with friends or family.

“The DATEIDEA App is primarily an events compiling service, showcasing in chronological format the upcoming events in Belfast with details of start time, venue location and ticket/entry costs.

“The brand new DATEIDEA App was born and bred in Belfast using a local programming company and hiring local employees and we are hoping to be the next big tech start up taking the concept across the UK in the next two years and thereafter global.

“We have already got onto the InvestNI Propel Programme and are hoping for further local support and investment in the near future.”

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