Anybody who is single nowadays is either A) happy to be on their own, B) incredibly picky or C) a poet.

Back in your granddad’s day men had to prise women off the walls of a dance hall and prove their worth as a dancer in order to get a peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile your dad had to put in months of groundwork before asking the barmaid in his favourite pub if she fancied going to the cinema to see the original Fast & Furious movie.

Right now, getting into the dating game couldn’t be easier. Here’s 6 ways to get started…

1. Online dating

By far the most popular way for singles to meet is online. There are any number of sites to help you find your perfect match, or failing that someone who shares your love of Lego Minifigures.

2. Dating apps

As well as your standard dating sites, most also offer apps which simplify even further the process of finding a date. If you’ve ever witnessed someone swiping furiously on their smartphone they’re probably falling in love on Tinder.

3. Speed dating

Why put all your energies into one date when you can go on a dozen on the same night? Several venues in Belfast offer speed dating nights where the aim of the game is to impress the person sitting opposite enough to have them want to see you again in an environment where there isn’t a stopwatch presiding over your date.

4. Traffic light disco

Primarily for the younger singles market, these discos allow participants to indicate whether they’re green (single), orange (open to suggestion) or red (out of bounds). Typically, most boy racers feel the need to go through red lights on evenings such as this.

5. Blind date

In the absence of Cilla Black, well-meaning mates often try their hand at match making by setting up two of their friends who’ve never met on a blind date. While there have been numerous success stories, it’s also a quick way to fall out with a friend… “You seriously thought I’d like him?!”

6. Looking for love ads

It may be one of the more dated ways of dating, but there must be something in it considering the amount of looking for love ads you see towards the back of newspapers and magazines every day of the week. Not to be confused with the other ads where women hold telephones and ask you to call them NOW.

7. Double date

Perfect for those whose overwhelming fear is that conversation may dry up. A bit like a blind date but with the people who set it up also being present to oversee the blossoming relationship of mutual friends.

And finally…

8. Cheat date

Many people view dating as a single persons pursuit, but a new website has carved a niche for itself setting up people who want to have their cake and eat it. Victoria Milan – a dating site for married or attached people looking to cheat – has nearly 10,000 members worldwide.

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