One of the best things about being a football fan in this day and age is that, if a team (preferably Chelsea) loses, then they face a humiliating but hilarious backlash on social media. This grows to the point where certain managers and players face constant ridicule and have a parody Twitter account made in their honour.

Here are some of our favourites to check out before and after games….

1. Deluded Brendan

This parody account really nails the Brendan Rodgers personality, as shown here by his intimate and passionate relationship with Joe ‘The Welsh Xavi’ Allen. Deluded Brendan really shows his ‘great character’ through Twitter and continues to do so even after departing Liverpool.

2. Smug Sherwood

With a win ratio second to none as a manager, Smug Sherwood was always going to be a popular parody account.

3. Boring James Milner

When he isn’t collecting his stamps, loading up his washing machine or carefully recycling, James can be found on Twitter, where he shares his exciting conversations with his colleagues.

4. Angry DiMaria

The angry Argentinian winger occasionally vents his inner rage on Twitter.

5. Evil Kagawa

Another player who didn’t enjoy life at United, we see what goes on in the evil little playmaker’s mind.

6. Chavy Jamie Vardy

A relatively new account celebrating the chavy side of the number one striker in England right now.

7. Steve Bruce at Weddings

Wedding dress? Check.

Reception? Check.

Steve Bruce? Check.

No wedding would be complete without the softly spoken but magnificent Hull City manager.


The masters of face cropping players and managers into videos has some fantastic and hilarious videos. Below is a remake of the 2015 John Lewis advert. Starring Arsene Wenger and Mesut Ozil.

9. Chelsea Football Club

One of my personal favourites this year, making many fans weekend’s that little bit sweeter.

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