Facebook has rolled out a series of new buttons to use alongside the old school ‘like’ button when responding to posts.

As of Wednesday as well as liking a post, you can love it, laugh at it, be sad about it, be angry about it, be wowed by it or make an odd face with rosy cheeks that looks like you’ve just enjoyed a really satisfying poo. We reckon this is the emoji you use to let people know you’re reading their post while on the toilet.


In order to access the new buttons you just hover over the ‘like’ button.
We must admit we’re a bit disappointed Facebook haven’t added an emoji that says ‘Much as I like your children can you ease off on the constant pictorial updates’.
Users will get the new features automatically if you’re using a web browser, but an app update is required on mobile devices.
Meanwhile in other emoji news, Red7 have produced the world’s first Mankini emoji as part of their brand new hen and stag emoji collection and we must admit it’s rather fetching…

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