Dinadina came out on top in our list of Belfast’s 8 Hidden Gems For Foodies so if you haven’t been there before here’s a great way to get started.

We’ve got three golden tickets for you and three friends to get a free piandina each at this delicious Italian diner.

Dinadina competition

Boasting authentic Italian food, cooked freshly each day and delivered in super fast time, Dinadina’s only flaw is that it’s tucked away on a street less trodden. Their must-have menu item is the Piandina – a Northern Italian flatbread filled with a host of local delicacies including Parma ham, Salame Milano and delicious hand made Italian sausage and beefburger.

They also do a great line in quick lunchtime bites like £1 mini pizzas and panzerotto (calzone pizzas) for £3.

The team behind Dinadina – Alessandro, Stefano and Daniele – come from Milan and bring with them a passion for fresh, authentic Italian food… and movies. You’ll find the walls of this brilliant diner adorned with some striking artwork and original Italian movie posters.


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