Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a good aul pizza to put a smile on your face.

Be it a special occasion, dinner with friends, cheeky midweek treat – or celebration that it’s finally the weekend – these tried and tested pizza joints are guaranteed to deliver.
Has your favourite made the list?
 1. Villa Italia
39-41 University Rd
An easy choice, Villa Italia is one of the most delicious restaurants in Belfast. This popular family-run pizzeria with terracotta tiles, vines and murals, and a long, traditional menu in the heart of South Belfast is just a stones throw from Queen’s University.
Their extensive 5 page menu includes 17 mouth-watering pizza options, ranging from just £7.95 – £10.25, with extra toppings and plenty of vegetarian options available. Be warned though, with bookings not an option expect a queue out-the-door at their busiest times! But it never takes too long and the reward is worth it!
Highly Recommended: Emiliana – Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Chorizo Sausage, Bacon, Sweet Chilli Sauce & Roasted Onions, £9.85
2. Greens Pizza
549 Lisburn Rd
Hugely popular, Greens is famous for its mouth-watering Dragon’s Tongue Bread and Speciality Pizzas. The fact that it is Bring Your Own Bottle helps keep the cost down and adds to the cosy and relaxed atmosphere.
Like Villa Italia, Greens is walk-in only – but that’s not a problem on the Lisburn Road with its array of bars and coffee shops complete with outside seating. This thriving business of 20 years is doing so well that it has also opened a fantastic new Greens in Ballyhackamore.
Highly Recommended: Ferris Wheel (created by Stephen Ferris) half & half option – Half Margherita, salami, pepperoni, red onion and green peppers and Half BBQ base, chicken, mushrooms, red onion, bacon, mozzarella topped with BBQ sauce, 10 inch £12 – 12 inch £14
3. Pizza Express

 551 Lisburn Rd

Pizza Express

Staying on the Lisburn Road this little gem is a real treat for all ages, and is particularly family-friendly. Whilst there are two more in Belfast – one in Victoria Square and another on Bedford Street, this one is very rarely not packed to the rafters due to its excellent atmosphere, fantastic location and superb service. Luckily, booking is also available!
There are some great gluten free choices are available, as well as an extensive kids menu and packed out menu, with pizza prices ranging from £7.95 – £12.80.
Highly Recommended: Niçoise – Tuna, anchovies, surfine capers, olives, free-range hard-boiled egg and mozzarella, finished with fresh rocket, lemon and parsley, £12.25.
4. Little Wing
10 Ann St
With Little Wing doing deservedly roaring trade, they are on the verge of opening their sixth restaurant in Enniskillen. But in the meantime, you can take your pick of locations from the Lisburn Road, Ballyhackamore and Holywood restaurants – as well as our top pick in the city centre.
What undoubtedly sets Little Wing apart is the budget-busting slices available from a 24 inch pizza. The ‘Slice and a Salad’ makes for the perfect lunchtime treat for just £4.75 or grab four slices for £10. Dinner options include a vast collection of the most gorgeous flavour combinations delivered in the form of regular, skinny, 24 inch and the show stopping Calzones!
Highly Recommended: Palle Di Carni Piccante Calzone – Spiced meatballs in tomato ragù with mozzarella, £6.25.
5. Opera
33 Dublin Rd
A cosy and candlelit, BYOB (with no corkage!) pizzeria offering stone-baked pizzas and pasta dishes, plus takeaway. This excellent Italian pizzeria and deli is extremely popular due to its fine fresh ingredients and particularly good value for money with its array of meal deals and student-friendly prices.
Even better, The Bar With No Name across the road also serves Opera pizza, offering a special offer 9 inch Margherita or Opera pizza plus two bottles of Coors for £10.
Highly Recommended: El Prawn Classico – Prawns, Green Finger Chillies, Garlic and Fresh Coriander, 9 inch £7.40 – 12 inch £9.40.
6. The Pizza Co
47A Botanic Ave
the pizza co
This takeaway has become immensely popular with its buy one get one free “Mighty Mondays” offering great value. Having originally opened on the Stewartstown Road they later opened on the bustling Finaghy Crossroads before becoming a firm student favourite in Botanic.
Highly Recommended: Pizza Co Speciality – Chicken, Bacon, Pepperoni, Peppers and Onion, 10 inch £8.45, 12 inch £10.45, 16 inch £12.45.
7. Amici
133 Lisburn Rd
This is such a fantastic undiscovered hidden gem on the Lisburn Road, and is particularly budget-busting with its Special Lunch Menu catering fresh-ingredients, flavoursome packed pizzas from just £4.50. The £1 soft drink an even extra bonus for an already exceptional price for the massive plate-fill of food.
Highly Recommended: Pepperoni Pizza – Go during lunchtime when it costs just £4.50! An excellent, yummy option packed with pepperoni and onions on a divine base.
8. Little Italy
13 Amelia St
Little Italy’s pizza bases are authentically thin and therefore highly thought of by Italians who consider the pizza genuine in their popular reviews. Their gorgeous food combinations and concise menu – it does pizza and pizza only! – sets it apart from most Italian restaurants, whilst it is popular amongst all ages, but especially students, due to its cost effective prices.
Highly Recommended: Super Sicilian – Packed with mouth-watering anchovies, peppers and pepperoni, get this delicious treat to ward off hunger for change from a tenner.
 9. The Chubby Cherub
49A Upper Arthur St
No list of Belfast pizzerias would be complete with the ever-popular Chubby Cherub. And with good reason. The Chubby Cherub is huge amongst all age groups because not only is its food and drink delicious, it has a particularly romantic, authentic atmosphere and is ideal for a special occasion with the people you love.

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