Connor Elliott is made in Belfast, is studying in Glasgow and is fuelled by vodkas from Sweden, Russia and France.

The first year student gave his thoughts on the best vodka ‘pre-drink’ choice…

1. Absolut Vodka



I would be so bold to say that this my favourite type of vodka. Yes, it is more expensive and some people buy vodka for a means to an end but I believe you gain a certain amount of comfort with this brand. Almost like it helps you wrap your coat (excluding Newcastle where coats are forbidden) around you before you go out with a calm feeling that you might not be feeling as rough in the morning. That is until you go out and buy the cheapest drink available.

2. Smirnoff


An old faithful friend – it tells you to slow down and enjoy the journey but it still takes care of you at the end of the night. It is slightly more expensive than others but the ‘slight’ extra expense makes it more bearable to drink straight if there is no ice, or to mix with cheap lemonades – proper mixers are way too expensive.

3. Glens


As the name would suggest this brew is more local to Scotland than Smirnoff. This Scottish delicacy is more favourable to the purse strings – which are as tight as tight rope walker, wearing tight tights on a particularly tight, tight rope. It’s rougher on the taste buds and more in line with the Scots’ ‘man-up’ nature but it’ll do the job the same as the rest of his brothers, saving you a couple of quid for the dastardly fatal shots in the early hours of the morning – job done.

4. Russian Standard

Russian Standard

From the motherland of vodka. I do not partake much in this particular brand as leaves me with a throat like I have swallowed a razor and a voice with a mixture of Chewbacca and Darth Vader. The taste is up to standard but a few too many and you’ll be bulk buying Soothers.

5. Grey Goose


The only thing which is lesser spotted than Bigfoot or a UFO is the sight of a Grey Goose bottle in student accommodation. The smoothness of this vodka makes you feel like you are drinking silver and with the price of it you may believe that it is silver. I am a big fan of the taste but if you ever do procure a bottle cherish and love it and keep it in your room!

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