Drink purists look away now!

These drinks have been created by people who just can’t get enough of a good thing and feel the need to create hybrid alcoholic beings using their favourite drinks, more of their favourite drinks, and even the odd rasher of bacon.

Here’s 4 of the weirdest drink mash ups we’re aware of. If you know of any others that might float (or sink) our boat drop as a line to team@belfastvibe.com or chat to us on Facebook or Twitter.

1. Badger Smirnoff

Badger Smirnoff

The Badger Smirnoff is created by mixing Guinness with Smirnoff Ice. It’s origins are in Pattons Bar & Restaurant in Cloughmills where a couple of customers came up with the combination and as with all good public houses, the customer is always right even in this case when they’re clearly wrong.

2. Bacon Moonshine

Bootleggers Bacon Moonshine

Bootleggers have a full range of moonshines, the meatiest of which is their bacon version. They’ve also got fig, raspberry, pineapple and if you’re feeling particularly brave you could try their Ghost Chili Moonshine – akin to a blowtorch enema.

3. Buckfast & milk


This concoction came about one rainy night in student accommodation in Belfast when there was no mission of going outdoors and the only beverages in the fridge were semi-skimmed milk and the toenails of a bottle Buckfast Tonic Wine. It looked like Co-Co Pops leftovers and tasted like a coffee milkshake. Really not as bad as you’d think.

4. Brain Haemorrhage


Most bars in NI will be familiar with the Brain Haemorrhage, AKA the Alien Brain Haemorrhage. All you need to know about this shot is that it both looks and tastes disgusting. The combination of Baileys, Peach Snapps and Grenadine causes a curdled mess. The only reason you would ever buy it would be to make someone vomit. Which in turn would probably look more appetising than the drink itself.

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