My name’s Graeme and I like beer.

This week I’m sharing my top tips on buying a round.

1. Don’t jump in too early

It stands to reason that at the start of a session people will be thirstier so don’t offer to buy a round too early or you’ll find yourself carrying a couple of trays back from the bar.

2. Don’t leave it too late

There’s only so many beers or glasses of wine a body can handle. If you leave it too late to buy a round you could end up having to buy shorts which means you’ll have to fork out for mixers as well.

3. Drink quickly

Aim to finish your drink well before the rest of the people in the round and then make the offer to get a round in. If you catch people with nearly full glasses there’s a good chance they’ll skip your offer. Result!

4. No Cocktails

If someone wants a cocktail they are automatically excluded from the round.

5. No Shots

Should someone choose to buy a round of shots it will be treated as a gift, not a proper round.

6. Remember, Always Drink Sensibly

If your mate’s just got a new job in a top accountancy firm and is offering to buy a round, ask for that fancy European beer you’ve always wanted to try, not your usual pint of Harp or Tennent’s.


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