We recently asked you Is Gin Was YOUR New Favourite Tipple of Choice?

And it seems that indeed many of you are basking in the glory of the current “Ginnaissance.”

Gin - a typical Firday night

With this in mind, we decided to check out Belfast’s finest Gin establishments, for anyone wanting to indulge in a little bit of “research.” In the name of drinking.

Where to get a Gin in Belfast…

1. Muriel’s

12 – 14 Church Ln

Muriel’s, or Gin Club as we like to call it, boasts an outstanding collection of gins – and in fact, it had more than 100 at our last count.

It uses good brands, including Short Cross, Dingle and Opihr (to name just a few), as well as using fresh ingredients such as lime, apple and oranges that mean your cocktails are bursting with refreshing flavour.

2. Rita’s

44 Franklin St

Rita says that her “First love is Gin.” Based on the rather extensive Gin Menu, we believe her.

Addicted to juniper, transfixed by tonics, Rita’s menu hosts an array of Rita’s favourites, as well as “a few more curious gins that I have acquired throughout my worldly travels.”

Gins range from the likes of Aviation, Death’s Door, Martin Millers and high end Monkey 47 Distillers Cut.

Whilst the list online (you can check it out here) is by no means exhaustive, you are sure to find something that will put a smile on your face in and amongst the glittering shelves and cosy ambiance that is Rita’s.

3. John Hewitt

51 Donegall St

The John Hewitt has an impressive Gin list. Our favourite, the Tanqueray Rangpur, offers something a little bit different.

This gin is flavoured with Rangpur limes, also known as a mandarin orange. These highly acidic fruits, actually orange in colour, impart a fresh, zesty zing to this refreshing gin. 41.3% volume.

It also stocks locally distilled Short Cross Gin, as well as the likes of Death’s Door, Fifty Pounds and Monkey 47 – amongst many, many more.

We recommend trying the aptly named Gin Mare. Mare is a Mediterranean gin flavoured with four principal botanicals: basil, thyme, rosemary and, most unusual of all, the Arbequina olive. Alongside juniper, cardamom and citrus, these different botanicals create a strangely arresting gin: you’ll know when you’ve had a Mare. 42.7% volume.

4. The Spaniard

Skipper St

The Spaniard4

Famous for its wide range of Rums on offer, The Spaniard prides itself on delivering ‘unusual and quality brands alongside recognisable ones.’ And this is true when it comes to its rather great range of Gins.

We particularly enjoy Gordons Sloe Gin during this time of year. Softly infused with the finest of wild sloes creates a fruity yet dry combination. Savour it straight, mix it with a splash of tonic, or serve with champagne in a flute.

 Or why not try The Spaniard’s Gin of choice? Martin Miller’s Gin is distilled outside London using over eight botanicals and aromatics. Then it is sent to Iceland to be blended with the softest and purest Icelandic Spring Water, where one more ingredient is added. This is the secret ingredient – not even known to the Master Distiller.

5. The Perch

5th Floor – The Gate – 42 Franklin Street

What’s better than Gin on the roof?

Take your pick from the delicious Gin Serves on offer, from Hendricks (Rose water spritz, frozen cucumber), to Oxley (Grapefruit twist & coriander) to The Botanist (Nasturtium leaves – wood sorrel in season). Add your choice of mixer from Indian tonic/elderflower/pomegranate & elderflower for £9.95.

6. Cutters Wharf

Lockview Rd

 We  loved the simple but refreshing Plymouth Sloe Gin, Fever-Tree Ginger with a lemon garnish, which was on offer throughout December.

The Gin list contains some unusual Gins, including Adams Copperhouse and Bathtub. The fresh orange wheels, lemon & coriander, grapefruit peels and lime slices, adds such a dramatically refreshing edge it brings the drink to a whole new level.

 7. The Woodworkers

20-22 Bradbury Place

Whilst specialising in Craft Beers and Fine Ale, Woodworkers actually have terrific Gin options – and they are regularly on offer.

Keep up to date with them on Facebook to stay up to date on deals and discounts.

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