Connor Elliott is made in Belfast, is studying in Glasgow and is fuelled by vodkas from Sweden, Russia and France.

He brings us 7 quick, efficient ways to get you to that happy state of intoxication with the help of Shot O’Clock (although we’d seriously recommend you steer clear of the last one!)

For Dancing…

Jagermeister, Red Bull

Guaranteed to boost your spirits and give you the confidence to drop those sick shapes you have been practising in your bedroom mirror all week. Be careful though a few too many will keep you awake until the sun rises and a few more than that and you will have a black eclipse.

On Holiday…

Flaming Sambuca


If you think alcohol isn’t dangerous enough for you then why not set it on fire? Sambuca seems to have a love/hate relationship with the crowd, beware of circular face scars or a beardy burn offs. It doesn’t even taste nice, but it’s brave and stupid and hits the shot spot.

The Party…

Tequila Slammer


I believe we must dive into the darkest realms of the earth to find the evil creature who created this. As was said by Michael Caine in The Dark Knight, “Some men just want to watch the world burn” and the inventor of the infamous Tequila Slammer was one of these men. The surest way to ensure the night shall be eventful.


The Blow Job (Baileys, Kahlua, Amaretto, whipped cream)


The amusement you get by asking the waitress for a blowjob is only surpassed by the taste sensation which is this shot. Be careful a few too many blowjobs could take you to a dangerous but overindulged place.

After The Match…

Fireball AKA Three Wise Men

Love a burning sensation down the back of your throat? Then this is the shot for you! This appropriately named little devil is for the cinnamon lover who loves a drink. Some call it the Three Wise Men – Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels and Jim Bean. This mixture of Scotch, Tennessee and Bourbon will lead to any night being three times the fun.

Summer Hols…

Jelly Shots (jelly mixture, water, vodka)

jelly shots

I was never really a fan of these but they are a wee tasty treat. These little alcoholic flubber balls are sure to leave a mess in your kitchen, create a drilling pain in your head but also are a fun variation on the shot and will not give your throat third degree burns.

Uni Lad Stuff…

Suicide Shot (salt, tequila, lime)

My advice for anyone thinking about doing this is DO NOT. For any one wondering what this inhuman torture is, it is the same principle as the tequila slammer except you snort the salt, drink the shot and squeeze the lime juice in your eye. The experience is so viciously brutal that the practice of this should be banned across the globe.

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