My name’s Graeme and I like beer.

Sometimes I feel the need to passionately demonstrate just how much I like beer. It involves me buying more beer than I need, drinking it all, then trying to find a suitable spirit to ‘put the lid’ on the night.

The next day I don’t like beer any more. I swear that beer and I are finished. Beer can shut the door on the way out.

A couple of days later I spot beer in the supermarket and it looks at me both longingly and accusingly.

“Just two days and you’ve already filled my space in the fridge with a cheap smoothie,” it sobs.

I collapse onto my knees and welcome back beer into my open arms. We roll about the aisle together telling each other how unhappy living apart has made us.

At this point a shopfloor worker comes over and reminds me that I’ll have to pay for any damages.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not if a new product is as good as it says it is.

Craft meat company Serious Pig have claimed their new snack will stop your dreaded hangover before it’s even kicked in.

Serious Pig

Aptly named ‘Hangover Cured’ this new snack is high in protein and contains healthy doses of chilli and ginger, which experts say help ease symptoms associated with hangovers like nausea, fatigue and headaches.

We’re told the cured pork snack should be eaten alongside an alcoholic beverage in order to stop a hangover in its tracks.

They’ve even gone as far as providing us with a quote from an expert food nutritionist, in this case Angela Dowden.

She said: “Nibbling on high quality meat protein at the same time as drinking is a really good idea as it’s rich in the amino acids you need to make neurotransmitters (messengers that transmit signals throughout the body). Alcohol interferes with the levels of these neurotransmitters, which is one of the reasons we can feel bad after overindulging.

“Ginger is also a well known traditional remedy to prevent nausea, whilst chilli is thought to boost levels of feel good endorphins as well as improving circulation, so the body’s detoxification process can work optimally.’’

It’s all very scientific but I can’t help but feel that gorging on high quality meat snacks during every drinking session could well prevent hangovers while at the same time increasing the chances of you having to resort to trousers with an elasticated waistband.

Call me an old romantic, but I quite like hangovers – sometimes you’ve got to endure the bad times to make the good times taste even sweeter.

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