New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Belfast is clearly the city with an insatiable appetite.

Check out this list of new and rising businesses in the city, all of which fall into the category of food and drink.

We don’t look like shaking the national stereotype any time soon, but we’re too well fed and watered to care. Tuck in…

1. Solo Kitchen + Bar

11 Wellington Pl

WOW... just WOW!

WOW… just WOW!

Solo Kitchen & Bar has been going strong since before Christmas but this new tapas bar and casual dining venue will get it’s official launch on January 28.

Solo accommodates 120 people, offering an eclectic mix of Asian and European food. Already they’re making a name for themselves with some amazing meal deals, competitions and, most importantly, an outstanding menu.

2. General Merchants

481 Upper Newtownards Rd

Deep fried Mars Bar in Irn Bru batter, chocolate ice cream and salted caramel - what better way to celebrate Burns Night?!

Deep fried Mars Bar in Irn Bru batter, chocolate ice cream and salted caramel – what better way to celebrate Burns Night?!

General Merchants are a business on the rise. They’ve been around for a while but they continue to astound by pushing the boundaries in the pursuit of food heaven.

New dishes appear on the menu with refreshing frequency making this a place you’ll want to visit at least once (or five times) a week.

3. Nico’s Pizza Pasta

61 Sunnyside St / 66 Andersonstown Rd

Nico's meal deal

Nico’s family meal deal: All this for £19.95

This established Ormeau Road Italian takeaway has branched out into West Belfast, opening a second branch on January 25.

They specialise in homemade Italian pizza and pasta, following authentic recipes from their Southern Italian chefs.

4. Town Square

45 Botanic Av

Town Square

A new hub of creativity at Botanic Avenue

Towns used to have town squares. A central space where people gathered. A place where ideas were shared, where art was born, where businesses were started and philosophies debated. Possibility lived here. It was the heart of the city. Town Square want to be the town square Belfast doesn’t have.

At Town Square they have set up a great environment for creative people to gather in a cafe/restaurant setting, with outstanding products from Belfast and surrounding areas.

5. YoggieBerrie

551 Antrim Rd 

Fruit toppings - beat the guilt

Quick, eat it before it melts!

YoggieBerrie have quickly made a name for themselves on the Antrim Road and will be opening a new branch in a second location on the Andersonstown Road in March.

Renowned for its outstanding customer service and impressive five-star rating (out of hundreds of reviews), it’s no wonder so many #YBfanatics adore the one-stop-shop experience for all your decadent FroYo needs.

6. Jack’s Honest Food

221 Kingsway, Dunmurry

A steak burger, Tex Mex fried chicken, BBQ pulled pork, lettuce, mayo and crispy onions - meet the Big Nasty Burger!

A steak burger, Tex Mex fried chicken, BBQ pulled pork, lettuce, mayo and crispy onions – meet the Big Nasty Burger!

This Dunmurry takeaway was recently brought to our attention and it didn’t disappoint. As well as an amazing burgers selection, they offer top class bistro food including Thai curry, pasta and homemade desserts.

It’s mandatory that you purchase Dirty Fries with every order. To put your mind at ease the Dirty Fries are cajun fries with tobacco onions, cheese, bacon bites and Tex Mex slaw.

7. Indigo Coffee Gelato

86 Stranmillis Rd

Picture perfect gelato

Picture perfect gelato

This new independent coffee and gelato shop opened on Stranmillis Road at the tail end of 2015.

It’s proved a hit thanks to the two young men who run it and their passion for speciality coffee beans, filter and aero press coffees. As an added bonus they also make their own gelato on site.

They’ve planned their first gelato club night for Friday January 29.

8. Mango Street

127-145 Sandy Row & St George’s Market on Fridays

A juice bar with a conscience!

A juice bar with a conscience!

Mango Street is Belfast’s first socially driven juicery. So what is a socially driven juicery, we hear you ask.

In their own words, they hand-craft nutrient-rich, cold-pressed raw juice and use profits and products to support local organisations that combat homelessness, address food poverty, encourage environmental sustainability and promote health and well-being. Fair play guys, and the juice tastes great.

9. Nando’s

Boucher Retail Pk


Winging it!

Nando’s has opened a new restaurant in Belfast at the Boucher Road Retail Park. The arrival of the new 108-seater restaurant has created 32 new full and part time jobs.

With three of the famous chicken restaurants now in Belfast, a Nando’s crawl is now a distinct possibility.

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