On Tuesday May 26, when the dust settles and the indigestion tablets have done their work, we will know which Belfast eatery makes the best wings in Belfast.

What started as a call out from one of Belfast’s newest eateries has escalated to become on of the city’s most heated battles.

Wings, whether it be buffalo or barbecue have become increasingly popular in recent years and Belfast seems to be holding it’s own in the global wing stakes, but have you ever wondered, which eatery actually does the BEST wings in Belfast?

Soon, you’ll have your answer. Yelp Belfast are organising Belfast’s First Ever Yelp ‘Wing -Off’ hosted by new kid on the block, The Hotplate Noshery and judged by YOU, the people of Belfast.

Yelp are giving 30 lucky people the chance to judge the contest and eat the best wings in the city – all you’ve got to do is sign up to Yelp and RSVP for the event. Yelp Belfast will then pick 30 people from their list to judge the contest. You’ll get FREE entry, FREE wings, promo items and best of all, a say in who is crowned the champion!

So far there are 10 restaurants who are up for the challenge with contenders including…

The Hotplate Noshery

Rocket and Relish 

Big Al’s


The Birdcage


Alley Cat

If you think you’re up for the challenge of judging the contest, click here and RSVP to be in with a chance.


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