Chocolate Digestives have emerged as the nation’s favourite biscuit in a poll carried out among 2,000 UK crumb curators.

It was followed by the Chocolate Hobnob and Custard Cream. Scandalously, Wagon Wheels weren’t even placed.

Jaffa Cakes came in fifth which re-opened the old biscuit vs cake argument.

When it comes to finding the perfect biscuit to dunk, plain Digestives went down best, closely followed by chocolate Digestives and Chocolate Hobnobs.

A third of those surveyed said that if their biscuit broke off while dunking they were determined enough to drink on through the mush that gathers at the bottom of their mug.

The research was, rather obscurely, commissioned by Blue Cross pet charity to celebrate its national Paws for Tea fundraising tea party, which takes place on Friday.

Here’s the list in full…

1.      Chocolate Digestive

2.      Chocolate Hobnob

3.      Custard Cream

4.      Shortbread

5.      Jaffa Cake

6.      Choc Chip Cookie

7.      Digestive

8.      Ginger Nut

9.      Chocolate Bourbon

10.     Chocolate Fingers

11.     Rich Tea

12.     Oreos

13.     Malted Milk

14.     Dark Chocolate Digestives

15.     Jammie Dodgers

16.     Plain Hobnobs

17.     Fox’s Creams

18.     White Choc Chip Cookie

19.     Nice

20.     Viennese Creams

And the top 10 best dunking biscuits were…

1.      Digestive

2.      Chocolate Digestives

3.      Chocolate Hobnobs

4.      Rich Tea

5.      Ginger Nut

6.      Custard Creams

7.      Plain Hobnob

8.      Malted Milk

9.      Chocolate Bourbon

10.     Shortbread

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