A dirty big fried breakfast is to a hangover what a docking leaf is to a nettle sting.

But sometimes, you get a hangover so bad that a simple Ulster Fry isn’t enough.

You know the sort, when the sunshine causes you to shiver and the butterflies in your stomach are dancing like an outraged flash mob.

If the world was a TV you’d be reaching for the mute button.

In order to tackle such a hangover I ventured to The Windmill Restaurant in Church Lane where I was buoyed to see an item on the menu called the Happy Hangover Fry.


The standard hangover cure – before the curry was added

It hit the spot initially, but as I’ve already said, this was no ordinary hangover. It required some ‘outside the box’ creativity.

That’s when I spied my dining companion’s boat of curry and decided, ‘What the hell!’

Tipping the curry over my fry gave me such a rush of adrenalin, and perhaps it was that rush which helped abate the hangover.

The taste wasn’t bad either. The randomness of feasting on curried bacon was as enjoyable as the flavour itself.

For a particularly nasty hangover I would definitely recommend an erratic Ulster Fry.

But just be careful when you order one. Given the Norn Iron accent an order for ‘erratic Ulster Fry’ could lead to the chef getting creative with a pork sausage and two fried eggs.


That hit the spot, now for a wee sip of Sukie



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  1. Paul

    I had these 17 years ago when I worked as a security guard in JJB on Ann Street. I used to get a fry from the fry place in the Inn Shops and curry from the Chinese next door. People tought I was mad and that it looked disgusting but they were delicious!


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