When you’re absolutely starving sometimes all you crave is a massive double whammy burger, sandwich, wrap or burrito so huge that it calls for two hands to clasp it on either side while you sink your teeth into it.

You guessed it, we’re celebrating food that calls for both hands – and no less – in order to be eaten successfully.

1. Baps


22 Wellington Pl

HOME restaurant

An elegant take on our diet staple, Home offers delicious food without all of the guilt. This massive bap from Home features deliciously crunchy egg with runny yoke, sausages and lettuce – you’ll definitely need two hands to keep it all together.

2. Dipping sandwiches

Love and Death

10 Ann St

Dipping Sandwiches at Love and Death require TWO hands

The very definition of ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ these dipping sandwiches are the specialities of the house. A delicious combination of a crusty French roll dipped in juices created from freshly roasted meat, with Dijon mustard for that little kick. Add cheese to any sandwich for a little extra. Ask for “single-dip”, double-dip” or “wet.” Our favourite is the Pulled Beef Brisket (pictured) but you can also opt for the Turkey Breast or Pork Loin if you fancy it.

3. Burritos

Acapulco Restaurant

257 Upper Newtownards Rd AND The Ashby Building Stranmillis (lunchtimes)


Arguably nothing calls for two-hands-style-eating as much as a burrito jam packed with all of our favourite fillings. Hotly tipped for serving the top rated burritos in Belfast and featured as top spot in our Our Top 6 Places For A Burrito In Belfast, you can enjoy an amazing giant flour tortilla filled with tomatoes, cheese and beans with your choice of delicious filling and served with rice. Take your pick from mouth-watering fillings including: Chipotle Chicken; Shredded Annatto Pork; Seasoned fajita steak; Pulled Beef Brisket; or Vegetarian Chilli.

4. Burgers


12-18 Bradbury Pl

Mini pork, lamb and chicken tacos at Bootleggers

Our top pick for burgers is this delicious monster from Lavery’s, ironically named the Scooby Snack. It’s a steak burger topped with onion rings, bacon and cheddar cheese and smothered in BBQ sauce. It’s best enjoyed with an ice cold pint and some sport on the big screen.

5. Sandwiches


2 Montgomery St


Ruby’s is the ‘home of the two-handed sandwich.’ The double decker Ruby’s Club is simply unbelievable and great value at £5.25 considering it will do you for lunch and dinner.

6. Hot dogs

Hotplate Noshery

34 King St

Hot dog Noshery

Pretty much everything in the Hotplate Noshery requires the use of two hands and usually ends with you having to loosen your belt by a notch. These hot dogs are particularly great but require a lot of napkin-work during and after consumption.

7. Tacos


46 Church Lane

Tacos Bootleggers

Lot of candidates for double handed food in Bootleggers but we settled on the tacos. You can get three for £8 including Cola Braised Pork Carnitas, Chilli Beef, Pulled Chicken, Lamb and Vegi.

8. Pizza

Little Wing

Locations throughout Belfast


When you deal with slices as big as Little Wing do then an expert two handed grip is required so as not to lose any all important pepperoni.

9. Wraps

Maggie Mays

Malone Rd and Botanic Av

Maggie May's chicken Caesar wrap

Unbelievable value at just a fiver, Maggie May’s hunger-busting delicious chicken Caesar wrap with salad or chips is one to get the hands stretched, primed and ready to support.

10. Sausage rolls


5 Pottinger’s Entry

Sausage Roll Grapevine

While most sausage rolls can be easily managed using just one hand these industrial sized version from Grapevine require an entirely new approach.

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