With the Wimbledon tennis championships just around the corner hundreds of Northern Ireland fans of the sport will be headed to London over the coming weeks.

Running from June 29 to July 12 tennis lovers will be glued to the matches.

But what treats will they be having while watching?

The lovely folks at Central London Apartments, a range of self-catering facilities available for rent during Wimbledon, have put together this fantastic list of yummy tennis treats.

And for those of you who are a bit health conscious they’ve even laid out how many games of tennis you would have to play to burn your treat off.

For more information log onto central-london-apartments.com.

9 Tennis Treats For Wimbledon Lovers:


Keep calm with a cup of tea

After an intense day of nail-biting games, you’ll need a cup of tea when you get back to your apartment. At just 13 calories for a traditional English breakfast tea and semi-skimmed milk, you’ll only need to play tennis for 2 minutes before you’ve burnt that off!

Celebrate with your favourite tipple

Whether you’re celebrating (or commiserating) in a top London bar, or enjoying a private night cap in your own apartment, enjoy your favourite Wimbledon tipple. Champagne (114 calories for a 150ml glass) or a Gin and Tonic (110 calories) are the most forgiving, requiring just 15/16 minutes of tennis to burn them off. If you really want to push the boat out, a Pimms cup cocktail will make you work even harder; at 234 calories you’ll need to play 32 minutes of tennis to burn it off.

Guilty Pleasures

What better way to end a day at Wimbledon than coming back to your apartment to a refreshing bowl of strawberries and cream, or a thick clotted cream scone. With a fully equipped kitchen you can make them up at the start of the day and keep them in your fridge, ready to dive into when you get back! But be prepared for the marathon tennis matches you’ll have to endure to burn them off! 10 strawberries with 75g double cream has 395 calories and would take 53 minutes of playing tennis to burn off. Add meringue and turn it into an Eton Mess and you’ll be adding 7 minutes onto your game (447 calories to burn). A fruit scone with jam and clotted cream could have up to 670 calories, meaning an hour and a half of tennis playing to make up for that Wimbledon treat!

Cucumber sandwiches – the healthy option

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches may tick off one of your ‘five a day’ quota, but it’ll still take you 38 minutes of tennis to burn off one sandwich (278 calories).

Fish and chips – a moment on the lips…

If you really want to treat yourself during your stay in London, a classic bag of beer battered fish and chips couldn’t be better. But at 860 calories, you’ll have to play tennis for almost 2 straight hours to burn this off.

More a fan of watching tennis than playing it? Treat yourself anyway – it only comes around once a year after all…

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