Local beer and whiskey lovers are in for a treat as The Dirty Onion launches a novel new tasting experience this week.

The prime spot in the Cathedral Quarter has introduced its new Boilermaker Pairing Experience, Volume 1.

The traditional Boilermaker drink, described by enthusiasts as a ‘whiskey cocktail’, combines a shot of American bourbon whiskey, which would have been chased by a glass of beer. The drink was popularised in the 19th century by Pennsylvanian steelmakers, looking to put away a hard day’s work with a hard drink.

The Dirty Onion is now bringing back the tradition with the introduction of this new Boilermaker tasting experience; a refined version of the original American pairing, allowing people to appreciate the tastes of a selection of rich, characterful American and Irish whiskeys, alongside bitter and refreshing craft beers, both as individual tastes and together as a unique pairing.

The Dirty Onion worked closely with Northern Ireland’s whiskey experts and local breweries over a period of months, sampling various bourbons, Irish whiskeys, local and imported beers to create this exciting Volume of whiskey and beer pairings.

Boilermaker 8

There are 7 pairings available in total, each offering a unique taste profile…

1. Fulcrum Beer & Twelve Year Old Redbreast Whiskey

Fulcrum, brewed in Lisburn, is a smooth wheat beer with a clean citrus finish that perfectly enhances the spiced fruit tones of County Cork’s Redbreast whiskey.

2. Rowlock IPA & Green Spot Whiskey

Rowlock is brewed with 10% wheat for a smoother mouth feel and is well balanced with a subtle hop flavour, making this brew the perfect match for the subtle fruitiness and mild spiciness of Green Spot.

3. Belfast Black & Jameson Caskmates

Belfast Black has strong roasted malt and dark chocolate flavours. Jameson Caskmates is aged in stout seasoned casks making this combination a truly unique experience.

4. Franciscan Wells Rebel Red & Jameson Caskmates

Co. Cork’s Rebel Red is biscuity and malty and is already used to season the casks that Caskmates is aged in. This pairing perfectly releases Caskmates hidden butterscotch flavour.

5. Belfast Ale & Woodford Reserve

Belfast Ale’s fruity, bitter taste and smooth texture is perfectly balanced by the creamy textures and cereal finish of Woodford Reserve of Kentucky.

6. Farmageddon IPA & Jameson Black Barrel

Farmageddon, brewed in Comber, brings plenty of hops with citrus flavours, a complex taste that is partnered well with the sweet sherry notes of Jameson Black Barrel.

7. Brooklyn Lager & Buffalo Trace

As the only full American pairing, this might be the most traditional. A strong American beer with a classical bourbon is hard to beat. The full and rich savoury flavour of the Brooklyn Lager marries delightfully to robust sweet flavour of the Buffalo Trace.

Boilermaker 3

“The Dirty Onion is one of Belfast’s oldest buildings, which was first used as a bonded whiskey warehouse, so our history is heavily rooted in the spirit. We are thrilled to represent that through the Boilermaker Pairing Experience that has been created with the help of local experts. The seven unique pairings, created with Irish produce in mind, offer our customers an exclusive opportunity to better understand and perhaps further enjoy their drinking experience.”

Tim Herron, Manager at The Dirty Onion

The whiskey is served in a traditional whiskey glass whilst the beer is served either by bottle or in a tall glass. The pairing is presented on a bespoke wooden serving board, fashioned from aged whiskey barrel wood by Newtownards company Cardy Timber.

The Dirty Onion’s Boilermaker experience is favourably priced, with options starting from just £5 per pairing, Sunday to Thursday.

For more information visit thedirtyonion.com or join in the conversation on Twitter @TheDirtyOnion or on Facebook at facebook.com/thedirtyonion

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