A long-standing Hawaiian restaurant favoured by President Obama is on its way to Belfast.

Kua ‘Aina which was established in Hawaii in 1975 has two restaurants in London and has chosen Belfast as its third base in the UK.

Good news is they’re going to be here in time for Christmas, with the opening date pencilled in for the second week in December.

Here’s 7 reasons to visit… alternatively you can just drool over the pictures!

1. Food

Kua ‘Aina serve lava-grilled sandwiches, burgers and salads in a friendly and escapist atmosphere. All their recipes, seasonings and marinades are homemade and true to the recipes used by Kua ‘Aina for 40 years.


2. Heritage

Kua ‘Aina is a fast-casual restaurant concept established in 1975 on the legendary North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. There are 2 restaurants still owned and operated by Terry Thompson and his family in Hawaii. There are also 20+ Kua ‘Aina restaurants operated under licence in Japan.


3. NI links

One of Kua ‘Aina’s UK founders as well as its operations director are both from Northern Ireland (Newcastle and Ballyclare respectively) and they are bringing a concept they started in London back home.


4. Big fans

Kua ‘Aina is known as one of US President Obama’s favourite restaurants from his home state of Hawaii.


5. Respect

Pronounced “Koo-a eye-na”, the words translate literally as the “back country” but are usually used to describe a country bumpkin. For native Hawaiians, it refers to those who respect and keep the spirit of the ancient lands alive. Décor and uniforms are authentic Hawaiian-style and they serve guests with an Aloha spirit. And, even more importantly, Hawaiian beer!


6. Keeping it local

As in London, Kua ‘Aina will continue with their sustainable sourcing and will use local suppliers for a majority of our ingredients, including beef, chicken, produce and bread.


7. Spirit of independence

This is their third restaurant, the other two being in Carnaby Street and Goodge Street in central London. Kua ‘Aina Belfast is located on the 2nd floor of Victoria Square Shopping Centre and will be the only ‘independent’ restaurant in the shopping centre.


“This is a very exciting time for Kua ’Aina especially in the lead-up to Christmas. We are extremely attracted by the vibrancy of Belfast and the locals’ love of great burgers, sandwiches and beers and we are keen to bring Belfast a little of the Aloha spirit through our food.”

Kua ’Aina’s Ed Bardos


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