Northern Ireland drinks company, GDK Drinks is set to shake up the energy drinks market with the launch of a new range of health-conscious energy drinks.

28 Black will be available in three flavour varieties…


28 Classic follows the look, taste and flavour profile of traditional energy drinks.

28 Black is an exciting innovation for the energy drinks market; made from the acai berry, it retains the 28 brand fundamentals of no taurine and artificial additives but also contains additional vitamin C.

28 Black Free Sugarfree provides the energy boost you would expect from an energy drink, as a result of its natural caffeine but without sugar, taurine and artificial additives.

Here are 7 reasons to give 28 Black a try

1. No taurine

There are concerns around energy drinks and many think this is due to high caffeine levels… untrue, it’s the taurine. The 28 range offers all the same energy drink fundamentals without any of the negative taurine… no market leader can promise that.

2. No artificial preservatives

We’re becoming more and more aware of the negative attributes of artificial preservatives so 28 Black doesn’t have any.

3. No artificial colourings

Like preservatives anything artificial isn’t good for you so again, 28 Black doesn’t have anything artificial in it.

4. Vitamin C

The Acai Berry version and the original 28 Black drinks even have vitamin C in them.

5. Vegan friendly

It’s suitable for Vegans, totally gluten free and are even halal friendly.

6. Taste

It tastes great straight up or mixed with a spirit. In particular, 28 Black tastes great with gin, which isn’t something normally thought of with energy drinks.

7. Premium product

The 28 range was designed to sit comfortably in the fridges of any bar or club. Their market isn’t extreme sports but premium consumers who are looking all the energy drink fundamentals without the negatives attributes of market leading energy drinks.

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