If you’re a vegetarian in Belfast then you’ve probably found yourself looking at a menu and seeing “veggie burger” as your only option. If you’re looking for wider selection and more nutritious meals that branch out from boring old veggie burgers, here’s a few of the best vegetarian restaurants in Belfast that can offer you just that.

1. Nando’s

24 Ormeau Ave

Yes – they do offer veggie burgers – 3 types of veggie burger. Nando’s is showing the world that a bean burger is not the only type of veggie burger out there. Plus, they offer wraps and pita options on top of a wide selection of vegetarian-friendly sides. What’s more, Nando’s prides itself on preparing their vegetarian meals with separate utensils and equipment to avoid contamination. Finally, a restaurant that recognises how important this is.


2. Boojum

73 Botanic Ave

Meat-eaters and vegetarians alike enjoy Boojum’s delicious vegetarian burritos. With the option of fajitas, tacos, burrito bowls and salads, as well as all of the rice, beans and vegetables on offer, there’s plenty of selection to leave you full and satisfied.


3. Giro’s Cafe

9 Bruce House, Victoria St

The one-of-a-kind, volunteer-run vegan and vegetarian cafe has received excellent reviews for it’s unusual but scrumptious food. With the average meal costing £3, it’s hard to knock it.


4. Black Bear Cafe

17 Stranmillis Rd

The ratio of meat:vegetarian options at this breakfast/brunch cafe is much more balanced than most places, allowing for plenty of nutritious choices. Try the toasted brioche slices with peanut butter and banana.

IMBV-Black Bear

5. Home

22 Wellington Pl

At Home there’s two whole extra menus for nutritious vegetarian and vegan delights, from salt ‘n’ chilli tofu to pumpkin ravioli – there’s bound to be something for everyone.


6. The Pavilion

296-298 Ormeau Rd

The Pavilion produces vegetarian meals to suit all taste buds. Mixed vegetable Chinese curry, spiced falafel pita and arrabiata penne pasta are just a few of the interesting options supplied.

IMBV-The Pavillion

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