You can always rely on Harp Lager to provide you with a sharp pint as well as sharp wit in the form of some memorable TV ads.

Here are some of the best Harp ads over the years.

1. Hey Lawrence!

The most famous of Harp ads, this one from 1992 features Barney from 3045 AD, a flying pig and a talking camel.

2. The Lionel Blair Cut

This advert featuring a cameo from Lionel Blair himself was part of the ‘Time For A Sharp Exit’ series.

3. Harp Is What It Is

Listen as Andrew Baxter utters the immortal line – “Sometimes ex-girlfriends are a little more than just ex-girlfriends although they are still ex-girlfriends”

4. Look On The Harp Side

The most recent Harp ad to appear on the list, this was the first TV appearance of the Harp Angel.

5. I Was Only Meant To Be The Look Out

This 1991 ad, another from the ‘Time For A Sharp Exit’ series, is one of Harp’s most original.

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