Someone has to put their foot down – because culinary monstrosities have gotten out of hand.

The last few years have seen a massive increase in strange food hybrids, different culinary products mashed together with no regard for common decency.

Who are we trying to kid?! We love them all and wish we could get them in Belfast!

Here are some of the weirdest food mash-ups from around the world. Bon appetit.

1. The Cheeseburger Pizza Crust

Pizza with cheeseburger crust

The age-old question of ‘pizza or burger?’ has plagued man for centuries, until some marketing whizz at Pizza Hut came up with the million-dollar alternative of embedding mini cheeseburgers in the pizza crust itself.

Do you think that guy is now swimming in pizza-burger cash? Probably not!

2. The Double Donut Burger

Double Donut Burger

Who needs bread? If you’re looking to contain the power of two succulent burgers with bacon dressing, then the logical step is to use donuts in order to weld those things together. We’re noticing a distinct lack of salad?

3. The Cronut

Cronut, Croissant Donut

The height of fine dining, apparently. Everybody scoffs at the pub-grub hybrid – but when a ‘fancy dan’ from a New York bakery comes up with the croissant donut crossover, it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread.

Let’s get universal with our condemnation.

4. The Patty Melt

Byron Patty Melt in Manchester

The patty melt is the strange offspring of a burger and a cheese toastie. It’s a North American delicacy that didn’t really make it over to these shores until very recently. Now we’re probably going all ravage them like a pack of wild animals.

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