First Minister Peter Robinson has revealed his dietary intake in the seven days leading up to his heart attack.

Apparently Adam Richman gasped when he read it.

His meals included two Chineses, a KFC, a McDonald’s and a cowboy supper.

Some students are even tutting at this point.

To commemorate the Stormont supremo’s overindulgence, which he’s warned others to heed the consequences of, we bring you four eating challenges you can avail of in Belfast.

1. Man v Food challenge at The Hotplate Noshery

Most of us would fancy their chances of tackling a 12 ounce double cheeseburger, but could you demolish it in under three and half minutes?

The cheeseburger, which is loaded with bacon, pulled pork and beef brisket and served with BBQ sauce and spicy mayo, is not the biggest burger imaginable, but the ticking clock has been the downfall of many a competitor.

The Man v Food challenge has even sparked the interested of a few Olympians…

The winner will get the burger on the house, a T-shirt and your name on the wall. Losers will just have to come back tomorrow and try again.

The Hotplate Noshery has also got a Hot Wings challenge on the menu where challengers have to eat four wings in three minutes with no drinks and no napkins and with a 30 second gap between wings to let the heat kick in!

2. Big Lad challenge at Build A Burger

There’s no time limit to eat this 36oz burger, but only 70 out of over 2500 contestants have managed to make their way through a whole Big Lad in one sitting. If you do prove yourself to be one of the hardiest burger eaters in Belfast then you will get a T-shirt for your troubles. But you might need to order a size bigger than you usually do.

The current professional Big Lad record holder is Randy Santel with a time of 8 minutes and 52 seconds.

Build A Burger

That isn’t Ricky by the way. That is Mark, and to his credit he also beat the Build A Burger Big Lad challenge.

3. Hot Wing challenge at Bubbacue

Laced with habanero powder and naga chilli sauce, the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to finish 20 of these wings in the fastest time possible.

You’ll pay a tenner for the wings while Bubbacue will kindly supply the milk for free. And you’ll need it! This devious challenge combines chillis which release their heat quickly (habanero) and slowly (naga) for the ultimate red hot tag team.

The challenge takes place roughly every quarter so if you’re curious our advice is to follow Bubbacue on Twitter for details of when the next one is taking place.

4. Goliath XXL challenge at The Newton Cafe

The Goliath XXL challenge is a 34 piece breakfast that includes 4 sausages, 4 rashers of bacon, 3 eggs and a scoop of beans along with 4 pancakes, 4 soda bread, 4 potato bread, 2 rounds of toast, 2 hash browns, 2 black pudding, 2 tomatoes and mushrooms. Oh, and some chips.

You have 45 minutes in which to complete itand there is a strict ‘no sharing, no swapping’ policy. If you complete the breakfast in the set time you’ll get a fiver off your bill.


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