We had a bit of fun in the office this week recalling discontinued crisps, sweets, drinks and chocolate bars from yesteryear that we’d love to see return.

Oddly enough all of the items fall into the category of ‘Dentist’s Worst Nightmare’

If any of these snacks actually still exist then please, please, please get in touch with us, or better still, send us a year’s supply!

1. Creamola Foam

Snack Creamola

2. Squeezit

Snack SqueezeIt

3. Spira

Snack Spira

4. Crystal Pepsi

Snack Crystal-pepsi

5. Push Pop!

Push Pops

6. Secret

7. Doritos 3D

Snack Doritos

8. Taz

Snack Taz

9. Fat Frog

Fat Frog

10. 5 4 3 2 1

11. Banjo

Snack Banjo

12. Toffo

Snack Toffo

13. Vice Versas

Vice Versas

14. Trio

15. Fuse


16. Cabana

Snack Cabana

17. Blackcurrant Tango

18. Dracula ice lolly

Dracula lollies

19. Orbitz


20. Texan


And finally, a long-forgotten local product the likes of which we’ll never see again…

21. Barry McGuigan crisps

Snack Barry

We’re told they came in nettle flavour as well!!!

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