If you haven’t discovered Belfast’s best kept secret yet, then you need to visit Yahi café immediately.

It has everything from scones, croissants and the most amazing Florentines, all made fresh by the team on site. Their coffee is ethically sourced and tastes great to boot. Their lunches range from superfood salads to innovative sandwiches and baguettes, all inspired by local ingredients paired with their chef’s Caribbean background.

It has been a year since the café opened and changed our breakfasts and lunches for the better, so here are 15 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Yahi on their first birthday.

1. Their chef, Rotsen Zambrano is from Aruba.

2. Chef Rotsen changes the menu twice a year with specials changing monthly – spot the nods to his Aruban background throughout the delicious deli sandwich range from the Banh Mi breakfast sandwich, to the Gaucho Baguette for lunch.

3. Their coffee trainer, Gregory Wincenty-Cichy is the current AeroPress Champion.

4. That’s a big deal as that means those delicious cups of coffee they sell are probably the best in Ireland.

5. They love their coffee so much that Yahi is holding its first Home Brewing Coffee Workshop on April 20, hosted by Gregory to celebrate the Brewing and Distilling month for NI Year of Food & Drink.

6. During their day of celebrations for their first birthday, Yahi sold 1,049 cups of tea and coffee for 1p.

7. The café supports over 30 local food suppliers, from Yellow Door Bakery to Sloan’s award winning dry cure bacon in Co. Antrim.

8. Their sausage rolls are the stuff dreams are made of – handmade butter puff pastry filled with pork belly and smoked bacon. BRB, drooling…

9. They have their own Orang-utan. If you’re lucky, you might spot the shy and retiring creature on any given morning, working hard in the café.

10. Yahi was nominated as Best Café in the Irish Restaurant Awards.

11. They even have an in-house author in David Ryan.

12. We named them recently as the second best place to eat in Belfast…

13. Next year, they’re promising they’ll be number one.

14. They launched a new outside catering business recently, and they use recycled wood boxes to serve the food in.

15. And the biggest secret of all – they’re located in Belfast’s Great Northern Mall in the Europa Bus Station.

Follow YAHI on Twitter and Instagram: @Yahicafe and make sure you follow them on Facebook for up-to-date info on special offers and daily specials at: facebook.com/YAHIcafe.


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